Using webCampus Guide

Navigating webCampus

Finding Your Courses in webCampus

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There are many ways to access your courses in webCampus. The Home Page, the Dashboard, and the Navigation Drawer are three common options.

Home Page

Below the Site News and Announcements on the homepage, you will find a list of courses and resources. Click the arrows to the left of the course category names to view more subcategories and courses.

You can also use the search field to quickly access a specific course.

screenshot of course list and search field


The Dashboard is available in the top navigation bar on all pages and provides an overview of courses that you are enrolled in.

screenshot of top navigation bar

Courses are separated by In Progress, Future, and Past. Click a course name to go directly to it. 

If course completion has been enabled for a course, you will see a graph indicating your percentage of completed activities in the course. 

NOTE:  This may not accurately reflect your actual state of completion, as it is dependent on how a course's completion criteria have been set.

screenshot of courses in dashboard

Navigation Drawer

The left column of webCampus can be hidden or displayed using the button to the left of Home in the top navigation bar. Display the navigation drawer to quickly view your current courses, or hide it to expand the main content area.

screenshot of navigation drawer button