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Forum Tips for Clearing Text Formatting Issues

You may have noticed some text formatting issues when copying and pasting text into your forum discussions. Small font sizes and multiple font styles can make a discussion post difficult to read. Try these tips for copying and pasting text into discussion forums.

Best advice: 

  • Use keyboard commands to copy and paste plain text:
    •  Copy: Ctrl + C (for PC) Command + C (for Mac)
    • Paste Plain Text: Crtl + Shift + V (for PC) Shift + Option + Command + V (for Mac)
  • Use NotePad (PC) or TextEdit (Mac) to type your discussion post. The plain text editor will paste a cleaner version of the text that you can format using the Atto text editor.

Using MS Word:

  • Tip 1: If you copied your text from MS Word, highlight the text and click the "Clear Formatting" (Tx) button to remove the excess style commands in the HTML code. On the downside, additional formatting like bold, italics and underline will also be removed.
Note: The "Clear Formatting" (Tx) button works best in the Chrome web browser.

  • Tip 2: Copy text from MS Word and paste to NotePad (or TextEdit) to remove excess code. Then, copy the NotePad (or TextEdit) text to paste into the forum.


  • Copying text or a citation from a webpage can cause problems with formatting. Paste your copied text into NotePad or TextEdit to remove excess code or links to the site.
  • In some cases, copying text from a webpage can generate an "Error writing to database" message that prevents you from posting. When that happens, review the text for a rectangle icon hiding in the text and delete it.