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Panopto Tips

Podcasting and RSS Feeds

Panopto makes MP3 and MP4 versions of every recording available through podcasts for iTunes and RSS feeds. By subscribing to the feed, the podcast from each new recording in a folder will automatically be downloaded. The downloaded content can then be listened to or viewed using any device capable of playing back MP3/MP4 files.

Log in to the UWS Panopto server at and locate your course Panopto folder. The Subscription options will appear as a drop-down menu under the Subscribe icon.

**Note: Currently podcasting and RSS feeds will not work in Google Chrome. The browser does not natively support RSS feeds. We currently recommend using Firefox for accessing Panopto and webCampus.

Review the Panopto: Podcasting and RSS Feeds documentfor step-by-step instructions and subscription options. 

Panopto tips for iTunes users: