Using webCampus Guide

Look here for important tips about navigating your course, controlling valuable webCampus settings, and web browser recommendations for optimal functioning.

How to Change Your webCampus Profile Settings


The Preferences link can be found in your user menu in the top right corner. It allows you to customize your profile, forum, messaging and notification settings.

Screen shot of preferences screen

You probably won't ever need to use most of the links provided on the Preferences page. Here is a brief description of the commonly used Preferences links: 

Edit profile: Use this link to add a nickname or middle name, attach a photo, or list any interests you wish to share.

Forum preferences: You can control how frequently you receive email notifications regarding posts from course discussion forums. 

Messaging preferences: Customize how you would like to receive personal messages in webCampus. 

Notification preferences: Customize when and how you want to be notified of course activity updates.