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Turnitin: Electronic Plagiarism Detection

UWS is committed to maintaining the highest standards of academic integrity. This is necessary to preserve the value of each degree earned by our students and to fulfill accreditation requirements. To enable faculty members to more reliably identify instances of plagiarism, we have incorporated Turnitin detection software into the webCampus learning management system. This software may be used to evaluate written assignments, discussion forum posts, essay responses on tests or quizzes and any other written work submitted as part of your courses.

It is essential to recognize that even unintentional plagiarism is a serious violation of the UWS student conduct code. Please review this information if you are unsure of your responsibilities as a student and to understand the potential consequences of academic dishonesty. The Harvard guide to recognizing and avoiding plagiarism is another excellent resource. If you have remaining questions, please contact your instructor or the program director.