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Panopto Tips

Panopto Assignments

Some instructors might ask you to create your own Panopto recordings and presentations. To allow you to record with Panopto, you will be granted permission at in an assignment sub-folder for the course. 

For example:

Download the Panopto recorder to your computer, phone or tablet to record your video to share with the instructor. You can also upload a video recorded on your phone, tablet or other recording software. 

Review the instructions that apply to your preferred recording method. You might find that the mobile app will work best for recording in the field.

When logging into the recorder for the first time, you may be prompted to enter a server name. Enter into the server field.

Instructions for installing the Panopto recorder on your computer or mobile device

Instructions for uploading recordings to Panopto

If you record your presentation on a phone, tablet or use other recording software, you can upload the file to the Panopto course assignment sub-folder directly. Open a web browser page and go to to log in and locate your course Panopto folder.