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ProctorU: UCard and Proctored Exams


Our online programs have a number of requirements for maintaining our academic accreditation. One of those is validating the identity of all online students and collecting reasonable proof that the work submitted by an online student was done by that student. This is an essential component of assuring academic integrity.

ProctorU: UCard

All online students must create a UCard for online identification. Your UCard will help with the identification process during proctored exams. This walkthrough will guide you through the proctored Ucard creation process. 

A web camera, microphone and speakers will be required for creating a Ucard.

ProctorU Live+

UWS uses ProctorU as our online proctoring service to verify test-taker identity and prevent cheating on high-value examinations. 

ProctorU Live+ is a live, online proctoring service to verify test-taker identity and ensure the integrity of an exam. Using almost any webcam and computer, you can take exams anywhere you have internet access and a private space. Your instructor will provide more detailed information about which exams will be proctored and when to set up your proctoring session appointment.

ProctorU Live+ Student Handout

Prior to starting a scheduled exam with a live proctor, students should be prepared with the following: 

  1. Make sure that you have the latest version of Chrome or FireFox web browsers installed. 
  2. Download the Chrome ProctorU extension or Firefox ProctorU extension that corresponds to the web browser you will use during the exam.
  3. Make sure that your web camera, speakers and microphone are working correctly. You will need them during the proctoring appointment.
  4. Have a government issued photo identification to show to the proctor. 

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