Using webCampus Guide

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How to Review Your Online Quiz Results

Some quizzes in the program are set to allow students to review their selected answers or view correct/incorrect marks after the quiz has closed. 

To review your results, click in the quiz that you want to review. On the introduction page of the quiz, you will see a small table with your quiz attempt information. Click Review to review the quiz and your results.

The Quiz Navigation in the top left corner provides each question number with a color code to indicate your results:

  • Correct responses are green with a check mark.
  • Incorrect responses are solid red.
  • Partially correct responses are yellow with a circle.
  • Ungraded responses arewhite. Ungraded responses will occur for questions that require manual grading (i.e. essay questions).

Each question number in the Quiz Navigation is a link. This shortcut allows you to click on the number of the question that you want to review.

Your responses will have a red x to indicate an incorrect selection or a green check mark to indicate a correct selection. Your feedback will appear highlighted in yellow.

Note: Your review results will vary based upon the review settings your instructor applies. Some quizzes and exams are not set to display correct answers or questions may not include feedback.