Technical Assistance

If you are having a technical issue using webCampus, please contact the UWS Help Desk:

For best response:

Submit an Online Help Request  

The UWS Help Desk System now includes a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). Follow the step-by-step instructions.

When you contact the Help Desk, please try to describe your issue as completely as possible. For instance:

  1. Are you using a PC, Mac, or iPad?
  2. What browser are you using (i.e., Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari)?
  3. If the issue is in a course, what course?
  4. If it's with a particular aspect of a course (for instance, a video doesn't play), what is it and where is it (week, lesson, title)?
  5. If you are contacting us by email, can you include a "screenshot"? Visual information can be extremely helpful for many issues. (How? ... click here)
  6. What is the phone number where you can be reached?

Try not to describe your problem like this: "In week two, a video doesn't work."  Avoiding a lot of back and forth with the Help Desk to collect basic issue information will expedite getting to a resolution. Help us help you!

Or call 503-251-2831 or 1-855-489-7932


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