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Summer online courses and course sites

Summer online courses and course sites

by Jim Friscia -
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If you are a UWS online student, most online courses will be ready for students to enter and view on Friday, July 3.  If your course does not open tomorrow, it will open sometime between Saturday and Monday morning when summer term officially starts.

How will you know a course is open? If you don't receive an email message letting you know, just click the My Courses link in the webCampus purple header bar. If your course is ready, it will be in the list. Be sure your My Courses page is set up to visibly list all of your courses. Here's a link to instructions on how to customize your My Courses (also called "My home") page.

If you do not see your courses in your My Courses list by Monday afternoon, please contact the registrar's office to confirm you are registered for the course.

If you are a DC or MT student, your course sites will be opened by your instructor once the term begins.

If you have any questions about using webCampus, the first place to check is the FAQ and Important webCampus Tips and Recommendations on the webCampus home page.

Have a safe and fun July 4th weekend!