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webCampus spring online courses update

webCampus spring online courses update

by Jim Friscia -
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This is an update about UWS online courses for spring term. Courses in the Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine program and the undergrad pre-req science courses are now open for students. On Saturday the ESS/Sports Medicine courses will open. The Sport and Performance Psychology program courses will open on Monday.

Please note that if you do not see your course or cannot enter it, we are updating enrollments and you should be added to your course(s) by Monday. Please be sure you have registered for your online course at - it will take 24-48 hours after registration to be added to the course in webCampus.

If you are a new UWS student in an online program and were enrolled in the Online Orientation course, please be sure you complete it before accessing your course(s).

For DC and MT program students, your course sites will be opened by your instructors.

If you have any issues next week accessing your courses in webCampus, please contact the UWS Help Desk.