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Spring term update for UWS students

Spring term update for UWS students

by Jim Friscia -
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To UWS students:

We hope you've have had an enjoyable spring break! If you're a new student to UWS, welcome!

As spring term begins next Monday, April 10, we want to update students on when courses will be open in UWS webCampus.

For online students in UWS graduate programs, or taking an undergraduate science course:

  • Most online courses will open for students after 4 pm Pacific Time on Friday, April 7. You should receive a message letting you know that your course is open.
  • If your course doesn't open on Friday, or you don't receive a message, check your My Courses page in webCampus thru the weekend to see if it appears.
  • If you cannot access a course by Monday afternoon, please contact the Help Desk (and please include the course name/number).
  • If you register for courses at myUWS on Friday or over the weekend, you will not be enrolled in your course in webCampus until Monday. You will know you're enrolled when the course appears on your webCampus My Courses page or in your Navigation menu.

For campus students in the DC or MT programs:

  • Your course sites should be visible by Monday
  • If you don't see a course by Wednesday or Thursday -
    • Check with your instructor - they might simply need to make it visible to students
    • If you are not enrolled in your webCampus course site, please contact the Help Desk

Thanks, and best of luck in your upcoming spring term courses and programs!

Jim Friscia
Director, Academic Support and Training