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Summer 2018 Student Course Evaluations

Summer 2018 Student Course Evaluations

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Please complete the Student Course Evaluations

How do I find the course evaluation?

  • You will receive an email from "UWS Survey >" for the courses to be evaluated this term
  • The link in the email will take you to the evaluation in Class Climate¬†
  • The Evaluation/Class Climate Block in webCampus is no longer in use, as the integration between Class Climate and webCampus was not a viable or sustainable one

How long do I have to complete the course evaluation?

  • Until midnight Friday, September 28

Why complete a course evaluation?

  • Your evaluations are reviewed in detail
  • Your evaluation of the course, faculty, and learning experience contribute to improving future courses

What else do I need to know?

  • Communicating clear, respectful, and constructive feedback is a valuable professional skill
  • When offering feedback of any kind, focus on specific examples, whenever possible

Thank you for your valuable time!