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If you are having problems viewing Tegrity videos

If you are having problems viewing Tegrity videos

by Jim Friscia -
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We have been seeing a few issues with students having difficulty viewing Tegrity videos in some courses. We are working with Tegrity support to troubleshoot these issues. However, we need your help to do this.

First, to better understand the issues you have been experiencing viewing Tegrity videos, please submit a detailed help ticket. Helpful information includes:

  • The web browser (i.e. Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Chrome) and version you are using. You can usually find the version in a browser window by going to Help > About.
  • Which course and video you are trying to view?
  • Did you run a diagnostic check? If not, click the small icon (looks like overlapping monitors) in the bottom right corner of the Tegrity video player. What was the result?
  • What exactly are you experiencing?
    • Does the video play for a few seconds, then buffer (looks like it's loading but takes a very long time or never finishes)?
    • Does the video constantly buffer?
    • What does your screen look like when you try to play the video? (i.e. black screen, gray screen with a broken icon image)
  • Provide screen shots if you can

Thanks for your help. We want to ensure everyone can access all content for their courses.

Here are three Tegrity support pages that address Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Google Chrome video playback issues. You can also see if these solve your specific playback problem.