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Winter Term End-Of-Course Surveys - it's TIME!!!

Winter Term End-Of-Course Surveys - it's TIME!!!

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This is a reminder for UWS students in all programs to complete their available end-of-course evaluations. 

These surveys are completely anonymous; your feedback is extremely valuable for our faculty members and programs. Understanding your perceptions of courses and instructional techniques contributes to our continued improvement of the course experience in the classroom whether on-ground or online.

Please follow the link to the surveys that are sent to your UWS email. You should have received one email message for each course evaluation to be completed.

Online Students: Most online program students will also find links to the surveys in their webCampus course sites. They appear in the Evaluations (Class Climate) block, on the left side of the course content section.

Thanks in advance for your participation, and have a WONDERFUL Spring Break!