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webCampus update tonight

webCampus update tonight

by Jim Friscia -
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This is a reminder about the webCampus update that will happen tonight. Our Moodle provider, Moodlerooms, will apply the update sometime between 8 pm and 3 am Pacific Time. The update should not disrupt anything, but as earlier suggested, it might be best not to be doing anything critical in your courses tonight.

The biggest changes that all users will notice are:

The Settings block has been renamed Administration block.

If your course is organized in Folder View, the navigation is now a bit more logical. Clicking either the folder icon or section name will open the folder on the course home page. There is now an icon you can click to show a single section. When you view a single section, there are now Next and Previous links that will navigate you through the individual sections. And, clicking the name of the course in the "breadcrumb" now takes you (logically!) back to the course home page.

webCampus should also work and look better in tablet and phone browsers.

We are updating training and reference documents in both student and faculty webCampus resource courses to reflect the changes.

There is an updated webCampus Systems Requirements document attached that you should also review. As operating systems and browsers are updated, many older versions are no longer supported. Please be sure to stay up to date, particularly with your web browser.

For that faculty who edit and grade, there are a couple of additional changes to webCampus to know about. You can find a video presentation about those in the UWS webCampus Faculty Familiarization course.

If you have any questions, please contact