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DC Program Students Only - Important Information for ExamN Final Exams

DC Program Students Only - Important Information for ExamN Final Exams

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Greetings DC Students!  (Online and undergraduate program students, please ignore)

Please read the following regarding exam-taking on your iPads in the examN app now and moving forward into future terms. This affects not just your upcoming final exams for Spring Term 2018, but all exams moving forward at this time:

  • When you are finished taking an exam or quiz, EITHER one of the following will appear on your iPad screen. Both indicate that your test data is safe and has been (or is in the process) of being processed by AllofE
    • Blank/cleared iPad screen - this is the "old style" you are familiar with. All good, you are done - and good luck!
    • iPad screen with grayed-out/strike-through test name. May indicate “finished” or “locked” on the right side of the screen, or the right side area might be empty of any statement. Also all good, you are done - and good luck!

  • When you are finishing up your exam and submitting it, the KEY THING you need to watch for is the statement "Your test has been submitted for grading. Good Luck!". Once you see this, your data is secure and in the system, even if it is still processing in the cloud.

Please don't hit the refresh button more than once every 20-30 seconds. Yes, it is tough to wait - it seems like forever. However, punching the button repetitively won't make your data move faster - in fact, it slows down data transfer significantly for you and everyone else and makes it more likely that there will be a hang up. No one wants that!

These instructions aside, remember also to please follow all of your instructor's specific instructions for testing.

Lastly, please COMPLETE THE FOLLOWING best practices allowing sufficient time before heading to your exam(s):

  1. Completely POWER OFF your iPad to allow the AllofE/examN app to refresh itself; this app does not auto-refresh, and requires that you power off/on in order to re-calibrate.
  2. As a precaution to avoid missing any last-minute app updates even after completing the above power down, close out of the app after each final exam and open it back up again for the next one. Don't leave the app open/on 24/7.

Wishing you all a great and successful end of term and wonderful break!