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Your Feedback is Important To Us!

Your Feedback is Important To Us!

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Please take a few minutes to share your feedback about your experience in class. 

Student course evaluations for the Summer 2019 term will be available as of Monday, September 9. All students will receive an email to their UWS email address with a direct link to each of their course evaluations. For online students, you’ll also be able access your evaluations directly from a module at the bottom of all of your online courses titled “Student Course Evaluations.” 

How long do I have to complete the course evaluation?

    • College of Chiropractic students have until 11:59 pm PT on Friday, September 20 
    • College of Graduate Studies students have until 11:59 pm PT on Sunday, September 29
Why complete a course evaluation?

    • Your evaluations are reviewed in detail
    • Your evaluation of the course, faculty, and learning experience contribute to improving future courses
What else do I need to know?

    • Communicating clear, respectful, and constructive feedback is a valuable professional skill
    • When offering feedback of any kind, focus on specific examples, whenever possible
    • Evaluations are anonymous and distributed to faculty after grades are posted
    • If you are a DC student, not all DC courses are evaluated every term, so you will only receive a link for the courses you are being asked to evaluate this term
Thank you for your valuable time!